Command Description
/account-age Restrict users from joining your server if their Discord account is X days old.
/analytics Displays detailed analytics for your server members verification.
/anti-alt Prevent alternative accounts from joining your server by the same user.
/auto-dm Send messages automatically to remind users to verify themselves.
/auto-kick Remove any user who fails to verify within the specified time frame of X minutes.
/auto-verify Automatically check if a joining user has already verified within your server.
/block-country Restricts a designated country from undergoing the verification process.
/block-vpn Grant or deny access to users attempting to join your server with a VPN.
/check-users Kick users that are not verified.
/latest-verification Sends the latest verification message within your designated verification channel.
/ping-role Notify instances of failed verification within your server.
/premium Redeem your premium key.
/remove-verification Disables the verification feature for your server.
/settings View the server verification settings.
/setup Setup the verification feature for your server.
/unverified-role Assign a specific role to users upon joining until they complete the verification process.
/update-channel Modifies the channel designated for the verification process for users.
/update-logs Modifies the logs channel designated for verification records.
/update-role Modifies the role designated for verified users.
/verification-mode Choose between different verification modes to enhance your server's security and user engagement.

Context Menus

Context Menu Description
Unverify Unverifies the user on your server.
Verify Verifies the user on your server.