Active commands

Command Description
/verify Displays verification Process
/setup Setup Verification Method
/update-role Update verified role in your server
/update-channel Update verification channel in your server
/updates-logs Updates the logs channel
/anti-alt Turn on or off anti alt this allows you to let alternative accounts join your server
/auto-verify When a user joins your server the bot will check if he is on the database or not
/auto-kick After X minutes the bot will check if the user is verified, if not the user will be kicked
/auto-dm Automatically send messages to let users know to verify themselfs
/auto-delete Turn on or off auto delete in your verification channel
/block-country Blocks a country of your choice from being able to verify (MAX 1)
/block-country off Unblocks a country previously set to be blocked
/account-age Sets minimal account age in days to join your server
/account-age-action Sets the action the bot will take if a user is at the minimal account range
/settings Checks the server verification settings
/latest-verification Sends the latest verification method to your verification channel
/remove-verification Deletes your server from our database so the verification wont work
/check-users Check the users in the guild.